Did you Ever Experience the Celebrations at the Canada Day Festival?

Canada day is celebrated across the country on 1st July every year and the anniversary of this Canada day was celebrated after the union of formation of British North America into a federation which was named as Canada in 1867.

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Canada Day

Many cities like Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick which have been united to form a confederation and it became the Statutory holiday for the people of Canada. On this very special day, the people of Canada celebrate their tradition, values, diversity, freedom, cultures and the natural beauty of the country. This special day was referred before as Dominion Day and it was renamed as Canada Day in 1982.

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Family Member

The celebration starts even the week before of the Canada Day and people all around the world gather at the hotspots of celebration sites along with the family members. They hang around the entire streets, enjoy the special day and have fun with loads of happiness. Many tourists are attracted to enjoy the festival and try to experience the full celebrations of this very special day which is being celebrated by each and every citizen of the country along with the tourist.

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People of Canada

People of Canada wears the Jersey of their football team with the pride and happiness and you can see the crowd everywhere who are more respectful in following the tradition of the country. Some people even start doing shopping a day before to get the Canadian theme based Red and white combination of clothes in order to be a part of this festival season. They enjoy the each and every moment of the celebrations along with the friends and family and are very eager to watch out the parade, concerts and other performances of the Canadian people.

The capital

The capital of Canada is also filled with full of celebrations over the entire weekend and completes the party with colorful fireworks and live music concerts.
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Street performances

One can also see some street performances and other festivities all around the cities of Canada. Apart from the capital city, even the other cities of Canada also celebrate this special day and bring out happiness and enjoyment throughout the country.
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Welcome party

Welcome party for the new Canadians has been organized to celebrate the new citizens of the country and make them feel Canadian so that they can also take part in these celebrations with the family members.
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The Festival
The Festival is lined up with many events like the parade, music concerts, street performances, food stalls, sporting events, fun games, and other festivities.

Is it possible to celebrate the country's birthday without a parade? Exactly No, during this very special day the people want to show their patriotism and also the parade held in many cities in Canada.

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Thousands of people

Thousands of people gather in these cities and join the parade which is usually a two-kilometer of length. One can see the people who happily join the parade with the smiling faces and enjoy the parade.

Many sports events are also conducted during this special day and the winners were awarded the special gifts and prizes.

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Event Organizers

Many fun games

There are also many fun games and tasks conducted by the event organizers and you can find many people who actively participate in these events and win gifts and prizes. There are many events especially for the kids also where they also had an opportunity to celebrate, enjoy and have fun with the events. Food streets with different Canadian varieties of food are available all around the cities and the people over the country enjoy tasting the different varieties of Canadian foods. All these foodstuffs are made with the theme of celebration of the Canada day and also offer many varieties of food items based on the celebration theme. People love to taste the different varieties of celebration and even the tourist also had an opportunity to know different flavors and taste of the Canadian food and the specialties of the country and so on.

Many live concerts and music extravaganza have been organized on this special day in which these live concerts of a well-known artist give you a treat to your ears and make you relax a bit from the daily routine stress oriented jobs. All these celebrations help to get rid of your stress and make your life even lighter than before. Canada Day celebration is a treat for the eyes, ears, and taste as well. Canada day was also famous for the fireworks and the streets of Canada will be busy enjoying the whole party with their family and friends. These fireworks give a visual treat to your eyes and you can really enjoy this visual treat. The entire day celebration is completed with grand fireworks and makes the special event a memorable for the each and every Canadian.